Vencedor NG. Offspring of Visir, that famous black horse featured in a Cepsa commercial.

Date of Birth: 23/04/2006 Breeding stock register: B‐035001 Colour: Negra
Microchip: 953000000720785 Qualified breeding stock: Height:
Code: 190101002514100 Genetic coat: PRE Family Tree
Date of Birth: 16/06/2001 Breeding stock register: 0011532 Colour: Negro
Microchip: 985120005789391 Qualified breeding stock: A 000280 Height: 1,70m
Code: 190101002300743 Genetic coat: PRE Family Tree
Date of Birth: 16/01/2008 Breeding stock register: B-015569 Colour: Negro
Microchip: 941000011665581 Qualified breeding stock: Height: 1,61m
Code: 724015080247517 Genetic coat: ggEEaaCCppchchzz PRE Family Tree

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